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Welcome to Unirem! Naturally Helping Make out Planet Green

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Welcome to Unirem!

The natural, biological solution to cleaning up oil and oil based spills.

About Unirem

UNIREM is a natural, biological solution to cleaning up oil and oil based spills. UNIREM is safe and proven to be highly effective in use. It is the greenest solution to a serious environmental problem.

Why is UNIREM special?

UNIREM works! In every test where UNIREM competes against other products it has been shown to be more effective. The oil degrading enzymes derived from beneficial microbes are the most powerful and most effective on the market.

Is UNIREM safe?

Yes! UNIREM improves the lives of people in communities where environmental oil spills have occurred. In fact, the by-product of UNIREM’s biological activity on hydrocarbons helps to naturally restore the environment.

How does UNIREM work on land?

On the land, UNIREM enzymes immediately attack spilled oil and begin to break the hydrocarbons down into harmless by-products. Depending upon the spill, the complete breakdown time may be from a few days to a few months.

Is UNIREM Genetically Engineered?

No! UNIREM products are never Genetically Engineered Products. They are safe in use for the environment – and for the community, whether used on land or in water.

Unirem Products

Here are some of our products (Click to view and download brochure)

What we do

Unirem naturally helps make our planet green. We use proven documented natural methods to clean up environmental related oil and oil based spills. The most important thing we do is improve the lives of the people we serve.

Environmental BioRemediation

Environmental bioremstock-photo-13516219-car-industryediation is the process of removing  oils, metals, and other pollutants from soil, water, coastlines, and the seabed. The Unirem Bacteria and Biosurfactants have been proven to be a very safe and effective method of cleaning up oil and tar spills, oil tanker spills, underground storage tank fuel releases and other petroleum product releases. They are also effective in sequestering and removing toxic metals from polluted soils, sands, and gravels. Since the Unirem products are natural they are a much-preferred method of cleaning up toxic wastes and washing soil over removal and sequestering the material.

Petroleum Industry

It is estimated that onlPetroleum-Industryy 40% of an oil reservoir can be removed by simple pump and flooding methods. This is due to the viscosity and adhering to the substrate in the reservoir. Testing indicates that the surfactant and emulsifying properties of Biosurfactants can be used to recover and additional 40% of the remaining oil in a well. This Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) that may facilitate the doubling of the petroleum recoverable from an oil well or tar sands over traditional methods in a much more environmentally friendly manner.

Chemical Industries


Many industrial processes produce waste products that can be cost effectively treated by the Unirem Bacteria and Biosurfactants. Typical waste streams from car manufacturing, vehicle maintenance and distribution facilities, and metal fabrication facilities can be cost effective treated. Our Unirem products enable these industries to use a Green Technology that fully recycles the waste stream supporting sustainability programs.

Municipale Industry

Various-MunicipalitiesWaste water municipal treatment facilities can benefit from the Unirem products by enhancing the ability of the treatment facilities to treat petroleum based compounds. The petroleum based compounds come from a variety of sources but typically are associated with storm water runoff and oils and greases removed from surface roads. The Unirem Products can be used in conjuction with existing biological treatment stages of the treatment system to fully break down the petroleum contaminants into carbon dioxide and water.

Natural Solution For Your Oil Spill Problem

Enhanced-Oil-RecoveryA lake in that had been severely polluted with oil was suddenly found to be clean. Local bacteria had turned the crude oil into harmless fatty acids. We have concentrated the substance, and we are successfully cleaning areas contaminated with Crude Oil, Hydraulic Fluid, DDT, Diesel Fuels, Methanol, Propylene Glycol, Benzene, Creosote, and other pollutants.

What we did

Our past jobs

What we have

  • Asbestos Treatment & Abatement
  • Drilling Mud Treatment Technology
  • Triple Green Industrial Cleaning Agent
  • Unirem 800 BioSurfactant
  • Unirem 200 BioRemediation Agent
  • Dust Control
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Innovative Equipment
  • Oil Sludge Processing Technology
  • Coal Ash Treatment

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